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Supercharge Your Design Career

Are you frustrated with your career? Do you feel under-valued or under-challenged? Do you wish you could supercharge your career? If you answered yes to any (or all) of these questions, designtrack is for you!

Transform Your Career

designtrack is an education-focused startup that reimagines the way we learn. We focus on the intersection of design, technology and business, enabling our learners to enhance and secure meaningful careers in:

  • UX +/ UI Design
  • Digital Product Design
  • Design Strategy

We offer immersive learning experiences to motivated learners who have set their goals on transforming their careers. We’ll help you establish realistic goals and we’ll enable you to achieve them.

We were delighted to be selected for Ignite’s prestigious pre-accelerator Propel programme; one of just 21 startups that made it into the final 5%.

We can’t wait to build designtrack as we fast-forward during our year on Propel in 2020 and we’d love you to join us on this exciting new journey.

Accountability Is Our Superpower

Have you ever signed up for a self-paced, downloadable course with the best of intentions to complete it, only for it to sit on a virtual shelf gathering virtual dust, unused?

I have. Many times.

I’ve spent thousands of pounds paying for courses that I’ve never completed (and in some cases, never even started!).

designtrack’s courses are created with accountability at their heart. We know that learners make more progress if they are supported in a structured learning environment.

With a background in education and industry, we understand how critical accountability is to progress. We know that the secret to a successful learning experience is the knowledge that someone supportive will hold you accountable. Our mentored courses are where the magic happens:

  • we'll establish realistic goals that maximise your opportunities;
  • we’ll hold you accountable, ensuring you’re constantly learning; and
  • you’ll benefit from a passionate peer learning community.

Put simply: We will hold you accountable and ensure you deliver on deadline.

When you sign up for a designtrack course, you’re signing up to be a part of a supportive 'community of practice. Being a part of that community is what makes all the difference.

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Follow in Our Graduates’ Footsteps

The graduates we’ve taught over the last two decades – at Belfast School of Art, Glasgow School of Art and elsewhere – have secured highly paid jobs, working for world class businesses.

I’d thoroughly recommend designtrack, think of it as an art school education without the art school price tag. Christopher’s teaching makes all the difference. He’s focused on his students’ success and he 100% helped me to achieve my goals.

Christopher helped me bring my portfolio to life. I cannot thank him enough for his help in driving me forwards, holding me accountable and helping me focus on the areas I needed to focus on. Without his help I couldn’t have done this...

When I decided to change career direction, Christopher supported me every step of the way. His advice is invaluable.

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Design Your Future

We’ll be launching a beta version of a new course – Design Your Future – in February, to test our thinking.

This four week course – which will focus on establishing career goals, levelling up your opportunities and redesigning your portfolio – will be heavily discounted for early adopters as we dive into using Zoom and Slack as education channels.

Design Your Future is inspired by Nesta's successful Insight Out programme, which we were delighted to deliver in Belfast, helping creative startups to establish profitable and sustainable businesses.

Put simply, this course will enable you to establish realistic and achievable goals and equip you with the skills and the thinking to deliver them.

You'll Love Our Courses

You’ll love our courses if you’d like to develop and enhance your existing skills or you’re new to user experience design. Above all we’re focused on supporting creative learners who are passionate and career-focused. This includes:

Our courses are also aimed at graphic designers and others moving into UX +/ UI and design. If that’s you, we’ll help you to develop the skills and the thinking to make it as a successful designer working in today’s industry.

Christopher Murphy

Our Faculty

designtrack was founded by designer, writer and educator, Christopher Murphy. As a designer with 25+ years of industry experience and an educator with over two decades of teaching experience, he brings the best of both worlds to designtrack’s curriculum.

designtrack’s approach is focused on practical, hands-on and – above all – enjoyable learning materials that change your thinking and develop your understanding as a designer.

Christopher’s graduates work all over the world, from San Francisco in the United States, to Ahoghill in Ireland. Many occupy senior leadership roles at the world’s largest and most influential companies. His partnerships with these design leaders ensure designtrack’s curriculum is always evolving and focuses on content that is fit for purpose and up-to-date.